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Jenny's Legacy 

The inspiration for Kritter Kisses was Jenny, my wonderful little Yorkshire Terrier, who died suddenly the day before my birthday in September 2000. An English immigrant, Jenny was discarded by a breeder after being physically worn out from producing and caring for multiple highly prized litters. We found each other almost by accident, but, when our eyes met, we both knew it was meant to be. 

My primary companion for over six years, Jenny understood when I was sad or lonely and helped me through all of the trials and tribulations life always seemed to bring our way. She was an irreplaceable, good natured friend that put up with all of the mistakes an inexperienced caretaker can make. With a broken heart and tears that just wouldn't stop, I vowed to help other animals in her honor, in gratitude for all she had been to me. 

Kritter Kisses was born then, and has been a dream in the making all of the years thereafter. Since that horrible time, I've been fortunate to rescue and care for several other furry companions, all of which are very special to me in their own ways, but I think of my dear Jenny every day. This effort and, hopefully, its extended benefits for many others are dedicated to her enduring spirit and boundless friendship.


Kyrin Alves

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