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Sea "Mobility" USDA Jerky Strips - Chicken

Sea "Mobility" USDA Jerky Strips - Chicken

Sea "Mobility" USDA Jerky Strips - Chicken
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Ark Naturals Sea Mobility Chicken Jerky Strips
Benefits of Sea "Mobility" Chicken Jerky Strips:

# Ark Natural's has combined real beef (USDA) with sea cucumber, MSM and Glucosamine to produce a snack food that helps to improve and maintain your dog's mobility and flexibility. Great for puppies to senior dogs.
# Great for dogs that cannot swallow a pill or capsule
# Any dog that does not like the taste of "chewables" or granular products mixed in their food
# All dogs, all ages and all sizes - particularly breeds prone to hip and joint distress

Contains All Natural Ingredients

# Sea Cucumber
# Glucosamine HCL
# Omega-3 (Fish oil)
# Omega-6 (Evening primrose oil)
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