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All of us at Kritter Kisses want to stay in touch with you, our extended lifestyle family.  In this part of the website, you can sign up to receive our e-newsletter, which will address issues relevant to our focal points listed on the home page. 

You can register your special animal companion's gift preferences for upcoming special events, holidays and just-because thoughts. We all know that each one has a mind of its own, with definite likes and dislikes to boot!

We encourage you to send us your email messages, some of which will be posted on our Customer Kisses page.  Your comments and suggestions will help us make this website more useful to everyone it serves.

Finally, you can donate a gift product in your own name or the name of your special animal companion to an animal rescue effort selected by Kritter Kisses.  These are particularly precious gifts, since these friends have so few resources available to them.

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We really want to hear from you, so please eMail, write or call with your ideas, input and requests.  If you give us your permission, we may include your message in this column. 

Thanks Very Much!!! 

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