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Gentle Digest

Gentle Digest

Gentle Digest
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Ark Naturals Gentle Digest
Benefits of Gentle Digest:

# Restores digestive balance, alleviates minor constipation and diarrhea
# Aids digestion and absorption of processed pet foods
# Normal levels of lactobacilli in the intestines helps your pet to absorb essential trace elements including calcium, phosphorus, magnesium and iron.
# Lactobacilli produces B vitamins and vitamin K

When to use Gentle Digest:

# If pets have consitpation
# If pets are taking antibiotics
# If aging animals have difficulty digesting and aborbing food
# If pets have occasional diarrhea, flatulence or foul smelling stools
# Assists yeast infections, particularly pet ear infections

Contains All Natural Ingredients:

# Lactospore Sporogenes
# Chicory

Recommended use:

# Under 25 lbs - 1 capsule each day
# Under 50 lbs - 2 capsules each day
# Over 50 lbs - 3 capusles each day
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